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Since Darwin’s ‘The Origin Of Species’, many international studies have proven again and again that the hedgehog, also known as Erinaceus, is potentially a very creative animal. This is only logical, since its main qualities are the ability to constantly think out of the box and being a jack-of-all-trades. Quite the opposite of a one trick pony, so to speak.

That is why, when a hedgehog is well nourished and decently educated in the creative arts, it is capable of astonishing achievements. So one day, a new, superior kind of hedgehog appeared: the Erinaceus Creativus, capable of taking on human form to spread its creative message.
This hedgehog’s human name is Claire Vanderhaeghen.

As you will discover on this website, Claire Vanderhaeghen – alias The hedgehog – is a creative thinker with excellent capabilities in different domains: creative concepts, art direction, web design and graphic design.

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